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Dear Crohn's Sufferer,

I know how it feels to suffer from Crohn's disease. From the embarrassing accidents, to being hospitalized, bent over backwards with pain, and always looking for a toilet when you're not home.

(I want to share with you my remarkable research in finding a quick way to eliminate the inflammation, abscesses and fistulas in Crohn's, but first more about Crohn's.)

And I know all about the medications too. Taking them multiples times a day, injecting them and even infusions. As Crohn's sufferers know, the medications sometimes help and sometimes they don't. It's a real rollercoaster. But it could be worse, I know a Crohn's sufferer who had several abscesses that had to be drained and he felt disgusted and really depressed about his disease. He said Crohn's had ruined his life, and I think there are many other Crohn's sufferers that feel the same way as well!

Living with Crohn's can be Hard

Every Crohn's sufferer knows how hard the disease can be and every Crohn's sufferers has their own experience of the disease too. Here's a few stories.

Jacob, a keen photographer, has sufferered from Crohn's for over 20 years. It all started when he was 29 and at college. One day he felt overcome by stomach pain, a few days later he noticed blood in the toilet after using it.

After many months of tests and numerous examinations, he was diagnosed with Crohn's. Since being diagnosed, he has had many difficult times including being hospitalised twice.

Alison had stomach/abdominal pains for many, many years before being diagnosed with Crohn's. In fact, her symptoms had been going for about 10 years.

She had MRIs and cat scans, and nothing was found to explain the symptoms. Then she developed profuse diarrhoea with overwhelming abdominal pain. After seeing a number of doctors and having endoscopic examinations she was finally diagnosed with Crohn's. Alison would say she's been to hell and back with this disease.

Alan was diagnosed with Crohn's at the tender age of 12. Endoscopic exam showed she had multiple abscesses and a fistula. Medical treatment helped control the Crohn's to a degree but his wife became more and more concerned with side-effects of the medications and being on them for so long. Eventually, Alan wife decided he would find a more natural approach to Crohn's that did not rely on long-term use of medication.

There's No Cure But You Can Eliminate the Symptoms - My Discovery

The cause of Crohn's has not been found even after decades of research. In fact, there may be one cause of there may be several causes or even many causes, but at the moment no cause of Crohn's has been found. But we do know something...

If you go to the Humira website you'll see this:

Let me explain this more. Crohn's sufferers have too much of a compound call Tumor Becrosis Factor-alpha (or TNF) in their intestines, and according to Abott Labs the excess TNF attacks the intestines causing the inflammation and ulceration - abscesses and fistulas can then develop.

All effective medications reduce the level of TNF in intestines if Crohn's sufferers, such as corticosteroids, Naltrexone, Mesalamine, Enbrel, Remicade, Humira, etc. Some of these medication - such as Remicade and Humira - called TNF blockers because they neutralize TNF in the intestines.

The problem with some of these medications is the side-effects, especially from taking them long-term. Humira is linked to very serious side-effects, including lung-infections and some cancers. Also, some of these medications can stop working after a while. For example, they can work for 6 months, 12 months or perhaps a few years but they can suddenly become ineffective and the inflammations returns, often more aggressively. One reason for this is the medication causes an immune response and the immune response prevents the medication from working or even makes the inflammation worse!

I wondered if there was a natural way - a health supplement - that could reduce the TNF in the guts of Crohn's sufferers and then heal the inflammation and abscesses? So I began researching natural health supplements that can block TNF in the intestines so the inflammation heals rapidly.

After many months of research, I found a number of these supplements which were very safe and very cheap. I then began taking these supplements with my existing medication which was not helping much. Within 10 days of taking these natural TNF blockers there was a significant improvement in my overall symptoms - much less pain and almost no diarrhoea! I knew this was a breakthrough and I knew they would get me into remission and help stay in remission so I began researching these supplements more.

Proof the Supplements Can Heal the Inflammation/Abscesses Rapidly

I wanted more proof these supplements worked for other Crohn's sufferers as well as me so I began searching blogs, forums, social media sites and anywhere else online looking for Crohn's sufferers who took these supplements. The results were AMAZING! I found dozens and dozens and dozens of CD sufferers that had dramatically improved symptoms and gone into remission quickly from taking these supplements. For example:

  • I found a woman who made a Youtube video explaining how Crohn's medications were ruining her life and how she uses one of these supplements to stay in remission and completely medication-free. She was even interviewed by a local newspaper.
  • I found a guy using one of these supplements in high-strength to be free of Crohn's for 20 years.
  • I found a mum that combined three of these supplements to put her son's severe Crohn's in remission very quickly and remission was confirmed by a colonoscopy.
  • I found an Indian student who used two of these supplements to prevent flair-ups and be virtually symptoms free... and he was only taking them occasionally!
  • I found a man who converted one of these supplements to a drink and drank it every morning before breakfast to prevent any symptoms.

And there were many more stories. All these stories had one thing in common. The Crohn's sufferers were taking a natural supplement to reduce the TNF in their guts so the inflammation, abscesses and fistulas healed rapidly and prevented them from developing symptoms in the first place.

The Supplements are Scientififcally Proven to Eliminate Crohn's Symptoms

So, I wondered if these supplements were proven in scientific studies, and that's when I began to search academic archives to verify that these anti-TNF supplements are proven scientifically. After a few weeks of searching I was SHOCKED!

In one study, one of these supplements was more effective than a common Crohn's medication.

In another study, all patients consistently improved on one of these anti-TNF supplements.

And in an AMAZING study, all Crohn's patients with moderate and severe CD were in remission around 4 weeks - every single Crohn's patient went into remission in a matter of WEEKS!

And there was more studies confirming their effectiveness in reducing TNF and healing inflammation, ulcers and fistulas.

My eBook - Rapid Crohn's Remission

I realized that my discovery and research could help many other Crohn's sufferers around the world, so after a lot of thought I decided to write an ebook called Rapid Crohn's Remission.

The purpose of the ebook is to help Crohn's sufferers to rapidly heal the inflammation, abscesses and any fistulas. This can be done by taking low-cost and scientifically proven anti-TNF supplements. There supplements can be bought online or from most natural health food shops.

In summary, here's what is in my ebook:

  • The list of natural health supplements that are scientifically proven to reduce TNF and rapidly heal inflammation/ulcers;
  • Where to buy the supplements from as cheaply as possible;
  • How to combine the supplements for rapid healing of inflammation, ulcers and fistulas;
  • Links to forums/blogs/videos of Crohn's suffers who have used supplements to achieve/maintain remission including the mum who used the supplements to rapidly heal her son's severe Crohn's disease;
  • Why Crohn's may not be an autoimmune disease - this is absolutely eye-opening and a must read for all Crohn's sufferers;
  • Where the excess TNF in the guts of Crohn's sufferers is coming from (this will SHOCK you) and my research is confirmed by many doctors;
  • How to potentially get rid of the source of TNF - could this eliminate Crohn's disease? I show credible proof this is possible and you will be gob-smacked!

Who is the
Rapid Crohn's Remission eBook for?

  • For Crohn's sufferers who've had enough of medications and their side-effects;
  • For Crohn's sufferers who want a natural approach to getting into remission and maintaining remission;
  • For parents of Crohn's suffers who don't want their children on medication with potentially toxic side-effects;
  • For non-responders - for Crohn's sufferers where medication does not work;
  • For Crohn's sufferers where the medication is not inducing or maintaining remission;
  • For Crohn's sufferers that want to try a new way to rapidly heal the inflammation, ulcers and fistulas;
  • For Crohn's sufferers that want to maintain remission without medication;
  • For Crohn's sufferers that don't want to be on medication for the rest of their lives.

Rapid Crohn's Remission Testimonials

Here's some testimonials I've received about my ebook, Rapid Crohn's Remission, that show how effective it is at improving Crohn's and eliminating the pain, inflammation and other symptoms.

"It's early days (only 12), but your ebook has helped me tremendously. My biggest problem was using the toilet at work constantly which was so embarrassing, but over the last few days I'm using it less and less and the pain is so much better. Wonderful results so far. Thank you."

"Ive found more wisdom from your book than my GI doc ever gave me. All my doc wants to do is pump me full of drugs Im sick and sick of him! Thank you for your research."
Kay R

"My experience so far. I bought the ebook on th 20 of December and read through it quickly. It was very interesting and to the point. A few days later I bought the supp from Holland & Barrett and followed the LCD. Ive had Crohn's for over 5 years so I was excited to start on 27 Dec (had a break for Xmas. So far, everything has gone well, much less pain, going to the toilet much less, I even feel I've got much more energy than before. I am really pleased so far. Thanks for doing the research and sharing it David."

"Dave I cheated lol. On my last scope I had a couple of abscesses and a fistula (ouch). So I took the best of the supplements on your list, spread through the day. Great results! All blood has stopped and pain very mild. This is the best ive felt in a long time! Will continue this and get scoped to check if all has healed and tell the GI about it."

"I was diagnosed with CD in 1995. Initially I was a non-responder but the docs eventually found a drug that helped. I had multi-bowel flare-ups and sometimes profuse diarrhea so I thought I would give David's research a shot. Got the supplements online and got organized. With the first few weeks improvement was mild but I was happy with that. The third and fourth weeks were dramatic! I've never experienced such symptom relief before! Profuse diarrhea was one of the worst symptoms of Crohn's for me and now I'm getting near normal bowel movements now! Thank you."
Dianne T.

"I purchased the Rapid Crohn's Relief ebook this morning for my teen-age son. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much as I've researched and read about Crohn's for over 7 years. But, the ebook really opened my eyes. I always thought Crohn's as an incurable autoimmune disease but it's not! This was quite shocking to read! Also, all the supplements suggested by David are scientifically proven, and it was fascinating to read how all Crohnies on the supplements went into remission very quickly. Based on what I read in this ebook I'll be suggesting my son takes a couple of these supplements daily."
Mrs Edna O.

"Dave i had a choice between trying your ebook and humira, but went for your ebook because of the bad side-effects of humira. three weeks later, im pleased to say i made the right choice. all diarrhea has stopped, bloating and pain nearly gone! i had major fatigue and this has improved as well. im glad i gave the supplements a go instead of humira. thanks "
grace x

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